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What follows are only brief summaries of the doctrines

1. The Doctrine of GOD;

GOD is unique in nature                            

GOD is the only GOD

GOD is Holy                                               

GOD is eternal

GOD is both transcendent & immanent     

GOD is intimate

GOD has distinctive qualities or attributes

GOD works in his world (Creator & Redeemer)

GOD relates to his people as LORD & FATHER as he carries out his will

2. The Doctrine of Jesus Christ;

JESUS CHRIST is the Messiah

JESUS was a human led by the spirit

JESUS was GOD in human flesh

JESUS fulfilled GOD’s purposes

JESUS provides salvation

Jesus continues to minister for US

JESUS is the eternal king

3. The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit;

The HOLY SPIRIT is revealed as the third person of the Trinity

The HOLY SPIRIT works for GOD’s purposes

The HOLY SPIRIT empowers GOD’s people

The HOLY SPIRIT leads individuals


4. The Doctrine of Creation:

GOD continues to sustain HIS creation


Creation finds its goal in CHRIST

Creation will be renewed

5. The Doctrine of the Miracle;

Miracles are evidence of GOD’s working

Miracles serve different purposes

Miracles are worked in the context of Faith

Miracles are inseparable from the one performing them

6. The Doctrine of Evil & Suffering;

Evil refers to anyone or anything that disrupts the harmony & unity of GODs good creation. Suffering refers to negative experiences that human beings interpret as evil.

7. The Doctrine of Humanity;

People are the crown of GOD’s creative activity, the most significant of HIS creatures. Human beings are created in God’s image

8. The Doctrine of Sin;

Sin is basically rebellion against GOD. The Bible teaches that all persons without exception, are under the dominion of Sin.

The Bible does not teach that God is the originator of sin

9. The Doctrine of Holy Scripture;

The Bible is GOD’s word of revelation to his human creatures.

GOD is the Author of Scripture

10. The Doctrine of Revelation;

GOD tells us who he is

GOD discloses Himself through different means

Revelation adds to previous revelation

11. The Doctrine of History;

The bibles teaching on history separates biblical religion from all other religious systems & experience. Directing history, God created a people for Himself through Abraham long after human history began.

12. The Doctrine of Election;

The Doctrine of Election centers on GOD, not on People. God’s eternal purposes include establishing a free relationship of love with committed people.

13. The Doctrine of Salvation;

Salvation is the work of GOD whereby he delivers his people from bondage to all evil powers.

14. The Doctrine of Discipleship:

Obedient service is the basic expression of discipleship. Such service is voluntary but never optional for the people of GOD. Christian conversion is the first step in discipleship, mere profession of faith in words accomplishes nothing.

15. The Doctrine of Christian Ethics:

Christian ethics seeks to apply Christian discipleship in the larger society in which Christians live. It involves individual character, social values, and special application of Christian principles.

16. The Doctrine of Stewardship;

Stewardship is a way of living that involves one’s daily activities, values & goals for life, & the use of all possessions. It begins with God and His plans for creation and purposes for mankind.

17. The Doctrine of Last Things;

The Doctrine of Last Things inquires into the final completion or consummation of GOD’s redemptive plan. The full doctrine of last things requires the consideration of individual, communal and cosmic eschatologies

18. The Doctrine of The Church;

The Church is Christ’s. It Follows him in Obedience & Faith. It follows HIM in obedience and faith. The church practices love, and proclaims salvation through Jesus Christ

19. The Doctrine of Ordinances;

Ordinances refer to anything that has been ordained or established as a commandment, a worship ritual or an institution. (i.e. baptism & Lord’s Supper)

20. The Doctrine of Worship;

Worship denotes the worthiness of a being to receive special honor. True worship involves a willingness to serve, & a genuine service to GOD must be accompanied by a sense of reverence & adoration.

21. The Doctrine of Proclamation;

Christian proclamation is through human beings. God has given every believer the commission to preach the gospel. To preach or Proclaim, is to serve as God’s herald. Proclamation helps believers understand and live out their faith.

22. The Doctrine of Prayer;

Prayer is founded in the nature of God. Prayer is universal for it was God’s intention that all come to him. He created humans as weak and temporal, needing God. Prayer is God’s means of executing His will among humans.

23. The Doctrine of Church Leaders;

Jesus Christ is the leader of the church. All positions of leadership in the church are extensions of Christ’s ministry, are used to fulfill His commission, are made possible by Christ’s gifts, and are exercised for the growth and ministry of God’s people as servants.

24. The Doctrine of Education;

The religion of the bible is a teaching religion, and the God of the bible is a teaching God. In the ministry of Jesus, teaching was His most typical function, and Teacher was his primary identity. In the Great Commission, Jesus commanded His followers to make disciples and to instruct them in His teachings.

25. The Doctrine of Family;

Marriage and family are God’s idea. God designed marriage as an answer to the nature of human life as He purposed it.

26. The Doctrine of Evangelism;

Evangelism is a concerted effort to confront unbelievers with the truth about the claims of Jesus Christ with a view to leading them into repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and thus into the fellowship of the church. Evangelism brings glory to God, which believers seek to do in all of life.

27. The Doctrine of Missions;

                  Missions has its ultimate source in God It refers to God’s eternal plan to                   reach all people of all ages with his offer of salvation. Missions is the                   extension of evangelism to include Christian outreach to every person on                   earth. Missions is not a natural human idea or action. It is God’s love plan                   to redeem sinners